Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spring is in the air!

Along with the mass of Valentines cakes I have baked and decorated this weekend I have started work on my spring and Mother's Day designs. As always my children have been my tasters and critics with Maxwell as chief taster! He always manages to get to the biggest cake first! The more buttercream and decorations the better for my boy! Tomorrow will be spent baking and delivering my Valentine orders and then I will be getting ready (and slightly panicking) for my first Farmer's Market on Sat! How many cupcakes to make? What flavours? What packaging? how to decorate my stall? How much? All of this is keeping me awake at night so hopefully as the week goes on these things will become clearer and I will relax!

The fruits of my labour this weekend....


  1. OMG - they are gorgeous! Have you thought about selling online - I know Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous sell foodie things!

    I NEED the chocoate flowery one right now!

    Dottie x

  2. Hey Thanks for popping in! I will check out GW & G! I am only delivering locally at the mo until I can find a courier who can get them from A-B in one piece! Not enough hours in the day :$ Re: choccy flower cake, well lets just say it complemented my latte perfectly! M x

  3. They look far too good to eat!

  4. Averilpam they are soooooo tasty! I don't really get a look in with my family! :)